How to pay with Credit Card?

If you don't have PayPal account, you can pay with any type of Credit Card                CLICK HERE if you have payment issues.

Are your cabinets KCMA certified?

Our "T" series are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Maker's Association (KCMA). The following are cabinets which are certified by KCMA certified cabinets and have undergone very rigorous testing for years of household use.

Testing Procedures include:

Structural  -  500 Pound load bearing capacity

Door and drawer open/close  -  25,000 cycle

Door open strength  -  65 pound additional hanging weight

Finish  -  Stain resistance to mustard, ketchup, alcohol, vinegar, and other assorted household chemicals

Finish  - 24 hour detergent/water exposure

Learn more about KCMA testing procedures at

Why is online pricing cheaper than in-store pricing?

   1) Online pricing does not include assembly.  Online pricing has cheaper delivery costs because the packages are smaller density when they are not assembled.

   2) In-store sales are for local sale only. We have a service that we provide as far as offering more customer/store interaction. We offer free estimates to our in-store customers and we also offer free exchange/return services.

Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

 Yes, for assembled cabinets you can come to our warehouse for pick up, so you can save some money on delivery.

   For RTA cabinets we recommend them for delivery because we offer free delivery over $2000(zone 1).  Most orders are over $2000 (zone 1). For orders less than $2000(zone 1) or just on piece we do not offer pick up.  We will ship via UPS or FedEx.

Are the cabinets finished on the inside?

 Yes, it is ready for you to use.


How long does it take to receive my cabinets?

Orders in stock will be shipped immediately and should arrive within 1-3 weeks, depending on the location.   

Will there be differences in grain pattern and color?

Our cabinetry is constructed from several pieces of solid wood and wood veneers on plywood.  Differences in grain pattern and color should be expected.

Color differences in wood are the result or variations in minerals found in the soil native to the tree's origin.  Absorption of these minerals will vary by tree or parts of said tree. In addition, color changes can be experienced due to different exposure to light. All species of wood will display chromatics such as knots, pinholes, sap runs, mineral strands and darkening with age. It is the natural beauty of wood to exhibit these characteristics and they will be present throughout your cabinetry.

What is "RTA" /"In-store " Cabinet?

1) "RTA" cabinet stands for ready-to-assemble. These are types of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are sold with all the hardware and assembly accessories needed for a customer to assemble. "RTA" cabinets are easy to store and deliver.

 2) "In-store" cabinets are not for online sale due to the many steps that have to be taken to assemble in-store cabinets.

Are the cabinets in stock?

Yes. if an item is out of stock, we will email or call to let you know, and we could develop another design if needed, but if you cannot change your layout, we would ship the in stock items right away and send the out of stock items as soon as they are available.

Are cabinet knobs or handles in the Package?

No, knobs or handles for cabinets are not included, so you can buy knobs/handles yourself, or buy from us separately.